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What Mother’s Day Means to Us

Did you know that the earliest celebration of Mother’s Day dates back to the annual Greek spring festivals that were dedicated to the Goddess Rhea, the mother of many deities, as well as the offerings that the ancient Romans made to the Goddess Cybele, the Mother of the Gods?

As time passed on, many countries and cultures continued to adapt this Mother’s Day tradition to celebrate not just the figures rooted in mythology, but the women that have accepted the title of ‘mother.’ Mother’s Day now symbolizes the sacrifice that is made by women across the world in order to raise and protect generation after generation of young children to help them reach their full potential.

Today we want to highlight the top traits that best symbolize what our mothers mean to us every time we think about these wonderful women.

Mother’s Are…

1. Great Listeners

Mom Listening - Aosom - Mother's Day

As we grow up, our thoughts and outlooks on life are constantly changing. No matter where we are at emotionally, Mom is always there to listen and make us feel heard.  Regardless if I receive good news or bad news, Mom is always the first person that I call. She always has good advice, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. Not matter what, she is always there when you need someone to talk to.

2. Fair Judges

A Fair Judge - Aosom - Mother's Day

Mother’s know better than anyone that we have flaws. It doesn’t matter if we failed our math quiz or if we were responsible for hurting one of our siblings, your Mom was always there to make sure that you confronted even the worst of your actions. She made sure to withhold judgment until she heard our side of the story. And no matter what, Mom always made sure that the punishment fit the crime. So that the next time we were presented with a similar challenge we overcame it because we were now strong enough to do the right thing.

3. Teachers

Mom is a teacher - Aosom - Mother's Day

From vowels to colors, Mom was there to make sure that we could interact with this big and beautiful world. She was there to answer our simplest of questions of ‘Why this’ and ‘Why that?’

Mother helped us to remember that we needed to mind our manners, and to say things like ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Mothers are there even when we become adults and have kids of our own; making sure to answer even bigger questions such as, “Mom, how did YOU ever do this?!”

4. A Place of Warmth

Mom is Warm - Aosom - Mother's Day

Mothers are a place of peace. She always has your best interest at heart. It doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 20 years old, if life has you down just go and find Mom. She always knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. It doesn’t matter if you move away to go to college or if you join the military, Mom is going to find a way to send you some care packages. Mother’s Day reminds us that her presence alone can turn any house into a warm home. Full of stories, delicious food and a comforting calm that will protect you from all those bad days.

5. Our Biggest Advocate

Mom is Always There - Aosom - Mother's Day

One thing that we forget is that Mom’s are normal people too. They have their own lives and the many problems that come with it. However, she will drop whatever that she’s doing to make sure that you are okay. It doesn’t matter if you had a tragic breakup with your first love, you are stranded on the road at 2 am in the morning, you needed some extra money to buy some clothes for your job interview, or if you failed your first start-up business. No matter how bad it gets, your mom is always in your corner. Standing beside you, when everyone else had walked away. That support doesn’t extend to everyone, so we should cherish it while we have it. Just make sure that you show some love to your mom this Mother’s Day.

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