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Ultimate Grilling Guide for Summer Cookouts and Backyard BBQs

Aosom’s Ultimate Grilling Guide 


I’m gonna let you guys in on a little secret: you can grill ANYTHING. Hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks, drumsticks? Of course. Corn on the cob, pineapple rings, shrimp skewers? Sure thing. Stuffed jalapeno peppers, bacon wrapped brussels sprouts, entire romaine hearts? Who’s gonna stop you?! Learn how to take your grilling to the next level and impress your friends and family this summer with our Ultimate Grilling Guide!

Grilling Guide:


  • Grill on High Heat
  • Internal Temp: At least 130F
  • Remove from refrigerator 20- 30 minutes before grilling
  • Only flip once!


  • Grill on Medium Heat
  • Internal Temp: 165F
  • Marinate for up to 6 hours ahead of time


  • Grill on Medium Heat
  • Internal Heat: 145F
  • Marinate for up to 6 hours ahead of time

Seafood/ Salmon:

  • Grill on High Heat
  • Internal Temp: 145F
  • Cook on top of citrus slices or in a cast iron pan to prevent sticking


  • Grill on High Heat
  • Internal Temp: At least 130F
  • Add a pat of butter or icecube to keep meat moist
  • Season burger patties sparingly


  • Grill on Medium to High Heat
  • Internal Temp varies (see above for meat temps)
  • Soak wood skewers in water for 20 minutes before putting your kebabs together. This will keep the wood from burning on the grill.
  • If you find your goodies are sliding around on the skewer when you turn then, try using two skewers about ¼” apart. This will keep everything in place as you move it.

Grill More Than Meat:

The BBQ is definitely not just for hot dogs and steaks anymore. Grilling vegetables is fast and easy, not to mention delicious. Larger vegetables like corn on the cob, eggplant slices, and pineapple can go directly onto the grill, but what about smaller veggies, like zucchini, asparagus, or mushrooms? For little guys, you can always skewer them, or use a grilling basket or pan to keep them corralled.

Innovative Tips and Tricks to try this summer:

No grill basket? Try using a cast iron skillet in place of a grill basket to cook small vegetables or seafood.

Got salmon steaks or other seafood? Try grilling fish on a bed of lemons. A layer of thinly sliced lemons between your fish and the grill will keep it from sticking and deliver a burst of added flavor.

Hate dry burgers? Try adding an ice cube or pat of butter to the center of burgers when forming patties. As it melts, it will keep the interior of the burger nice and juicy!

Love smokey flavor? Add a touch of smoke to your grilled goods by wrapping wood chips in tin foil, poking a few holes in the packet, and throwing it on the grill with your meats and veggies!

Grilling something large or awkwardly shaped, like spatchcocked chicken? Wrap a brick in tinfoil and place it on top of the meat. This will help the meat cook more evenly.

Struggling to light the charcoal grill? Try loading up a cardboard egg carton with charcoal briquettes. Light the whole thing in the grill- the egg carton will act as kindling, and by the time it burns off, the charcoal will be started.

Can’t get enough salt? Try placing a Himalayan salt block directly onto the grill, and then place your skewers or steaks on top of the salt block. This will give you an even cooking surface, and help season your victuals.

Love Beer Can Chicken? Try something new by switching the beer can for canned red or Rosé wine.

Grilling steak? Take the meat out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you plan to cook it. Letting steaks reach room temperature before cooking ensures that it cooks evenly and helps you achieve that perfect sear.

Marinating? Apply the marinade as early as possible for maximum flavor. Make sure to save some of the marinade to glaze the meat with as you grill!

Want to upgrade your lemonade (or Coronas)? Try grilling your lemons on the BBQ before slicing to add a sweet and smoky flavor to your beverages.

Toast your buns! There’s nothing innovative about this one- toasted buns are just better!

Can’t Get Enough Grilling?

Check out our Ultimate Grilling Guide Pinterest Board for recipes, hacks, and more innovative ideas to make your summer BBQ’s memorable!

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