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Treat Them to a Home Spa Day this Valentine’s Day

For All Those Times You’ve Been a Pain in the Neck

For many of us, both we and our significant others work full-time jobs with different schedules. As a result, this can make keeping a healthy level of romance in your relationship month-after-month a challenge. However, Valentine’s Day serves as a time to really celebrate that unique and fragile bond that first attracted you to this wonderful person in the very beginning. What better way to show your appreciation then to end your love-filled day with a delightful home spa experience that really celebrates them as your partner.

Picture this; your significant other comes home after a long day, closes the front door, and sees a path of red rose petals leading them to a mystery location. After following the path of rose petals, they hear the faint melody of their favorite song becoming clearer with every step they take. As they arrive to the source of the music they are thrilled at what they see – a relaxing at home spa experience!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a licensed massage therapist to put together a special Valentine’s Day at home spa experience. We are here to help you set the mood and get you all of the tools that you’ll need to make this Valentine’s Day one that they’ll never forget. Follow these few easy steps and you’ll finish this Valentine’s Day like a pro.

1) Set the Mood – Keep in mind that this evening is all about your partner. Start by dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. Try and remember to pick up some scented candles of scent that they really like. Have it already filling the room with its pleasant aroma before they get home.

Home Spa - Romantic Candles

Next, pick out some music that you both really like and play it softly in the background. You’ll want to make sure that the music isn’t too loud so that you can both hear each other over the music as you both exchange sweet whispers throughout the evening.

Also, your at home spa experience will go more smoothly if you pick up some massage oil (pun fully intended). So make sure to think ahead and pick some up.

2) Take Control of the Pace – In order for your partner to truly become relaxed, you need the let them know that they are allowed to relax tonight and that you’re in no rush. This shift in tone is a perfect way to left your partner become less tense in order to help you begin the pampering process.

Now if this is your first time giving a massage, just remember that our nervous system loves slow, repetitive movements and consistent gentle pressure. Take time with your strokes, apply small amounts of oil as needed and move slowly to the rhythm of the music. You really can’t go wrong with this technique. And unless requested, stay away from using your knuckles and no karate chops!

3) Start from the Bottom to the Top – I’m a big fan of starting all of my massages from bottom of their body and moving upwards to the head and neck. Oftentimes, we forget that our poor feet need a break as they are responsible for carrying the full load of our weight day in and day out. If you can release the tension stored in a person’s feet at the beginning, then the rest of the massage will go swimmingly since you’ve helped to release a high level of their endorphins.

However, if your partner is an individual that hates having their feet touched, then I would suggest this great massage trick that I use instead. Since “touching” their feet is out of the question, I would opt to get a heated foot spa bath with a bubbling feature and have them soak their feet, while I begin with their calves and then slowly move upward.

Home Spa - Foot Spa

[alert type=”success” close=”false”]Pro tip! You can add a few drops of scented aromatherapy oils (eg: Lavender Vanilla or Eucalyptus Spearmint) to really take their foot soak to the next level.[/alert]

4) Suspend them in Bliss – Unless you already have a spare massage table lying around, you might want to consider looking into picking up a small massage chair to let your partner truly have a chance to melt during your massage. Plus, a massage chair is ergonomically a better choice for you as the person giving the massage. People tend to forget that massaging someone’s back is typically the longest and most physically taxing part of the massage process. So be sure to think ahead and give your own back a break!

Home Spa - Massage Chair

Additionally, if you have any back issues yourself, it might make a lot of sense to invest in a massage chair since you can stand up while giving your massage.

5) Relax – Now who wouldn’t like to wrap up their lovely home spa day with a great sauna experience? Getting in a good steam has many health benefits such as pain relief in your muscles and joints, detoxification and healthier skin. Anyone lucky enough to receive their own indoor sauna on Valentine’s Day will absolutely mark this down as the Valentine’s Day that they will never forget!

Home Spa - Sauna

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