Depending on the time of day, the weather, or your mood, you might want to relax in a different part of your yard every day. Or maybe you would like to bring the fun of a hammock along with you on your next hike.

If so, you might want to look into a tree hammock. With just a pair of ropes and a special hammock twist, you can safely attach this type of hammock to any pair of sturdy trees. No hammering or drilling required!

With a tree hammock, you can set up your outdoor lounge wherever you can find two sturdy trees close together. Whether you’re at the park, the trail, or your friend’s backyard, these portable wonders add a whole new lounge area. 

Consider Buying a Cover

Although not completely necessary, it is recommended to purchase covers for your outdoor furniture. 

While outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements, it will eventually suffer wear from exposure to rain, snow, and UV rays. A cover will significantly extend the life of your furniture. 

Another benefit of the cover is that you’re swing or hammock won’t be covered in a thick layer of pollen every spring. This accessory can save you time and expense in the long run. 

Gazebo-Style Swings

If you want to combine the protection of a sunroom with the fun of an outdoor swing, you’ll be happy to learn about gazebo-style swings.

These are the next step after the canopy swing. Not only do gazebo swings protect you from the sun above, but their removable mesh walls also protect you from rain and insects. 

Swings vs. Gliders

A traditional swing moves back and forth along a curved angle. These are fine for most people, but they can be difficult to get in and out of. The swing can also become fatiguing after a while for some users. 

For those who want a more gentle swing or just want to try something different, gliders are a great option. 

A glider moves back and forth on a flat plane, parallel with the ground. This makes them much easier to get into. The lack of curve on the swing also makes them gentler on those who easily become dizzy or nauseous.