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Looking to start the growing season a little earlier? A greenhouse can protect your plants from the elements and give you more time to grow. At Aosom we make a wide range of high quality greenhouses – from small cold frames to larger walk-ins. But which one should you choose? Whether you’re just looking to shield some new shoots or go big and redefine your growing season, we’ll help you pick the perfect greenhouse for your garden in this handy guide.

Popular Greenhouse Types

We carry a few different types of greenhouses; cold frames, portables (various sizes/configurations), and more permanent walk-in greenhouses. If you just need to protect a few new shoots from lingering frost blasts, perhaps a cold frame is right for you. Portables are easy to build, tear down, and move as needed, but polycarbonate-paneled walk-ins are a better long-term option.

Cold Frames

cold frame greenhouse


walk-in greenhouses

Smaller Portables

portable greenhouse

Larger Portables

Large Portable Greenhouse


What are your growing plans for the year? What about next year, and the year after? Consider what you’ll be growing and how much space it will require, and also your future gardening plans. If you have room to spare, a larger greenhouse may be the better call. You can start off using the growing space you need, but will have room to expand later without upgrading your greenhouse!

Plant needs / Temperature

What will your plants need to flourish? Research and consider the optimal temperatures they’ll want, and the weather patterns specific to where you live. How cold is your spring, how hot your summer? Make sure the greenhouse you go with has vents, which can be opened to regulate the temperature inside – overheating can be just as dangerous as the cold.

Will polyethylene do the trick or should you go for thicker, hardier polycarbonate? The answer entirely depends on your locale and plans – plotting (sorry!) your growing plan can be fun, and forethought will reward you with delicious produce later.

Weather resistance

Apart from temperature needs, you also must keep durability in mind. What kind of storms does your area get, how windy? What about hail? In a true weather emergency your greenhouse shouldn’t be at the forefront of your worries, but you should keep your area’s weather in mind when choosing a greenhouse. Polycarbonate is thicker and heavier, making PC-paneled greenhouses more resilient to strong winds, and more durable in general, but also more work to stow away if need be. If serious inclement weather is incoming, really plants should come inside temporarily and the greenhouse should be stowed in the garage.

The Right Greenhouse for You

There’s quite a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect greenhouse for your yard. I hope this guide has given you some food for thought! Here at Aosom we want to help you grow, and with the right greenhouse soon you’ll be growing healthy, vibrant produce your family will love!

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