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You’ve already explored a few ideas about re-designing your patio. The rustic, bohemian, and country design ideas don’t seem to appeal to you. What you need is modern patio furniture that complements your house and the style that you are going for.

A patio with a modern design is the perfect way to establish a stylish note that will leave your guests in awe. You can choose from a variety of design ideas such a luxurious color palette to geometric patterns to modernize your patio. Here are some ideas on how you can re-design your patio and give it the modern touch.


1) Choose modern patio furniture

The fastest and most effective way to modernize your patio is by picking modern-style furniture that carry similar design aspects. You can choose outdoor patio furniture that have angular shapes and clean lines along its frames.  Square and rectangular patio furniture pieces are what you need for the modern style. Get a rectangular love seat and matching side chairs and tables and watch your patio transform.

Modern Outdoor Patio Furniture

Photo courtesy of Sentson Homes


2) Choose the right color scheme

When you’re looking for a modern style patio, you need to pay attention to what colors you use and don’t use. The right color palette can emphasize minimalism, giving your outdoor area a completely modern look. Don’t choose too many clashing colors. Think bold solid colors like blacks, reds, grays, whites, and yellows.

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3) Flooring

Most people overlook the foundation of their patios. Outside of choosing the right patio furniture, a good rug can really tie a room, or patio, together. Simplify the design and pick a neutral color for that classic modern feel. You could also add in a sophisticated rug pattern for the floor.

Patterned Rugs

Photo courtesy of BallardDesigns


4) Lighting

One of the biggest steps in improving your patio design is changing the lights. For a modern design, you need to pick lighting that is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and overall matches your patio furniture. You could choose from a wide variety of fixtures that come with clean lines and modular shapes. Wrought iron fixtures, metallic frames, and glass lights are excellent choices to modernize your area. Make sure the bulbs are not too bright and glaring. Choose bulbs that mimic natural light. On a special occasion, you could use candles instead of electric lighting.


Photo courtesy of Daily-HomeIdeas


5) Plants

Since the patio is already placed in an outdoor setting, most people believe that plants aren’t necessary. However, if you’re aiming for a modern design for your patio, don’t underestimate the influence modern plants can have on the overall setting. Just like the lights and color schemes, plants can complement your modern space and give it better definition. When you’re choosing plants for your modern patio, select ones that are appealing and not too complicated. The pots or planters should also be neutral in color and not eye-catching. Terracotta pots are the best choice and can really improve the patio.

Wicker Furniture Aosom

Creating a modern-styled patio isn’t very hard. In fact, you are simplifying ideas and staying away from complex designs while being conscious of what you are adding and accessorizing your patio with. Use these tips and watch your patio transform into a modern dream.


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carol clark
carol clark

this makes me relize what i was doing wrong thank you for the post this is great advice

Terry Poage

I love the one with the wicker furniture and umbrella.

Pam Flynn
Pam Flynn

This really helped me decide what to do with my patio.

Toni Schlinsog
Toni Schlinsog

Great ideas!

Lisa Queen
Lisa Queen

This is really nice! What a great job! Thanks for the tips.

Lisa Ogle
Lisa Ogle

You always have some awesome ideas! I can not wait to put them to good use.


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wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your informative post. Thanks for sharing

Joel Sommer

Thank you – our pleasure!

Rebecca Gardner

Thanks for the idea to choose lighting fixtures with clean lines when outfitting a patio. Additionally. it’s a good idea to consider getting an outdoor heater for your patio if you live in an area that gets periods of cold weather. With lighting and heating combined, you can use your home’s patio comfortably at any time of the day and during any season!