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Maybe it’s rain, or maybe it’s a foot of snow, either way we’re all spending more time indoors, and this might make us want to climb the walls. Luckily there are some easy steps you can take to bring some new life to your living room. Take a look and learn how to refresh your space with quick furniture design tips to help relieve your cabin fever.

You can turn your living room into a Winter Oasis, and you won’t even need to put on a Hawaiian shirt (although we still recommend it).

Find a centerpiece

Don’t try to build Rome in a day, in fact, don’t try to build Rome in your living room at all. You might be just one attention-getting statement piece away from achieving your perfect space.

Try removing the collection of picture frames and feature one large piece of art or textile on your wall. Functional furniture can be a centerpiece as well. Start with one of our Designer Inspired Chairs and build a room around that. The rest of the furniture and decor can draw the eye to that one piece.


Once you have your statement piece in place, you can move other furniture or art around the house and freshen up more rooms with just one new addition.

Hang one of our Floating Bookshelves in your living room, and dress up your centerpiece however you like. Maybe a mix of books, plants, and personal items.

Furniture Design Tip: Designer Chairs by HomCom

Paint an Accent Wall

Maybe your favorite color is too dark or too overpowering for an entire room. Bright magenta is great, but being surrounded by it on all sides might be a bit much. Accent walls bring an extra dimension and a little fun to your space. Paint one wall a bold color, and let it play off the dominant neutral tones of the room. One thing to pay attention to is the architecture: Make sure it supports the accent wall rather than clashes with it.


Accent walls work well with white furniture, creating a fun, modern and clean look. Pick up a Coffee Table and a Bookcase to get it started.

Adopt a Houseplant

The third of our furniture design tips has nothing to do with furniture at all. Bring a little spring to your home by adopting a houseplant. Houseplants have a lot to offer: Cleaner air, a better mood, more productivity, and more peace of mind. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal. But right away you’ll notice a little bit more life in your living space.

If you’re worried a houseplant is too much responsibility, don’t worry. There are plenty of options for getting started. In other words, there are a lot of plants that are hard to kill. Peace Lilies, for example, will begin to droop every time they need another dose of water.


Extra shelving might be needed for your new plant friends, why not pick up a Leaning Ladder Bookcase from HomCom and add some houseplants into the mix.


Speaking of shelving, let’s talk organization. Sometimes all a room needs is for you to remove all its stuff. Time to revitalize your closets and clear up some space to live your life. A clean house means less stress, more space, and feeling of accomplishment.

A Coat Rack in the entryway is a great place to start. A hook for your coat, and a small shelf for your keys, hats and bags. A shoe bench in the entryway is another great addition that keeps your important things in one place, not all over the house. Give your closets some backbone with one of our Closet Organizers, and start to enjoy your new lively living space. The last of our furniture design tips: The secret to organization is to start with tiny habits: easy steps triggered by things you do every day. Like hanging your coat after you enter the house, or making the bed after you brush your teeth.

Bookcases and Storage from HomCom

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Jay J.

These are some great tips, will definitely try them, thanks.

Lisa Ogle

I love these awesome tips!

Cami Valenzuela

Love those tips. Specially the paint the wall. Love that blue

Meg Tucker

Thanks for the tips on houseplants! I’m not good at them but this helps!

shannon fowler

Decluttering is definitely our problem. We have moved so many times that we don’t unpack either. We are just tired of it I think.


I love the idea of adding houseplants; I have a few but they are all small, a big tropical looking one would be perfect for making the house cheerier in bad weather.

Irene Menge

House plants are a great addition. They help refresh the air and make the home ‘alive’. Just have to make sure they’re not poisonous if you have pets or small children.

Denice D.

Yes, we have a bit of cabin Fever here as well.

Gina N.

I love an accent wall in a room. It really livens up the space with color and gives a visually inviting appeal that draws you to that room.


Great suggestions! I especially love the adopt a plant one! I wish my house was full of plants but I have a tendency to let them perish. May give it one more try!

Kristina Collier

I need to add some house plants! I love them we just recently moved and I have yet to add any!

Kristina Collier

Absolutely love house plants! I need to add some to our new home!